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We offer a wide array of services at Baby Float Spa ranging from informational classes for new parents to a variety of fun educational activities to assist in your baby's early development.

RMT Infant Massage + Float Therapy 

3 weeks to 7 months Indvidual Tubs

All RMT Infant Massage Sessions come with a complimentary Float Session.

This is a 60 minute appointment.  

Our onsite Registered Massage Therapist, will massage, and show different strokes and techniques to help your baby ease regular baby discomforts such as colic, constipation, bloating/gas, reflux, teething and sinus congestion. If you have a specific concern let our RMT know and they will be able to deliver and individualized treatment plan, as well as routines you can continue to do at hope with your baby.

$60.00 Sessions.

Health Insurance Receipts provided. No direct billing.

2 baby classes, with individual tubs for complimentary Float Session.

Please be prepared to fill out some paperwork, and your baby's medical history prior to your Infant Massage Therapy Appointment.


We provide heated bamboo towels, swim diapers even hot coffee and tea!

All you need to bring is your baby's regular going out supplies. 


This class offers both Floating and Infant Massage Instruction. Our float classes provide a slower pace both for new parents and baby. You will benefit from the extra advice, tips and tricks that our certified early childhood educators and infant massage educators, will share with you to ease your transition into parenthood and out of the fourth trimester and beyond.  2 weeks to 7.5 months.

We provide everything, swim diapers, hot towels even coffee and tea!  All you need to bring is your baby's regular going out supplies.

Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes to allow for sleeping babies to wake naturally, nursing, and relaxation.  Expect babies to float for approx 20 mins and then once all towel dried, get ready to connect with your babe through infant massage therapy, demonstrated by one of our Certified Infant Massage Instructors but given by you.

WARNING After a Baby Float Spa Session, babies will have a stimulated appetite and an improved, deeper longer sleep!  Now what new parent can't benefit from that ;0)


This Session does not provide Health Insurance Receipts.

Membership rate $150, 4 floats for the price of 3.  Can be booked and used anytime.  Once or twice a week, whenever your schedule permits, or even the day of if there is availability.  You can book all at once or go online and book when its convenient.  Super flexible for busy new parents.

  This is a 4 week series program,  but is does count as part of our Loyalty Program: complete 3 of our programs (or the same program 3 times) and get the 4th 6 week series program of your choice absolutely FREE!

One time floats are available ($50); however do not earn Loyalty ProgramRewards.

Regular Float Class

2 weeks - 7.5months


Baby Picasso Sensory Art

(Yes this is the class with "The Book" at the end

4 months - 14 months

Baby Picasso is a fun-filled, hands-on class designed just for babies aged 4 to 14 months.

It's all about creating artistic masterpieces through exploration. Babies will experiment with all different textures, strengthen their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and use their senses to see, touch, taste, hear and feel creative arts.


THE BEST PART? You will get a photo scrap book of your baby’s artwork & pictures of the time you spent creating together!

This is a 6 week series program, that counts in our complete 3 programs get the 4th 6 week series program of your choice absolutely FREE!

If you are interested in joining mid-series, not to worry a prorated fee will be calculated.  Please call 416 305 1815 for mid-series registration


Bring your 6-15 month old baby to Baby’s 5 Senses to let them explore the world around them!

It’s all about the process as we discover a variety of sensory activities and new sensations. During this messy program, you and your baby will develop, learn, play and discover together as you explore our sensory stations.

So come roll and toss our sensory balls, explore a world of light and mirrors, play in a pool of spaghetti, get messy, and share an unforgettable experience!

This is a 6 week program


Enjoy parachute play, sensory bins, bubbles and  YES this is the class with BABIES IN BASKETS!

Baby's 5 Senses

6 months - 15 months



Mondays 10:30am meet out back rainy days move inside for HIIT Bootcamp in our Studio.  No more cancelled classes.  4 and 6 week class passes available.



While there is walking involved, this is not your regular stroll with friends while sipping your coffee.


This class is all about #StrollerStrength.


In these classes you may see us:


Climb, Lunge, doing Lateral Leg Lifts and Body Weighted Squats, Push-Ups, Tricep Dips or Modified Burpees.  Using different props to create resistance and help build strength.


Our Fitness expert keeps it fun, and is able to modify for sore joints, abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction and healing bodies.  Everyone is on their own fitness journey, and will receive the proper support.  Lots of progression exercises which are vital when you are in early postpartum, or are just starting to exercise regardless of when you had a baby.


Strollers Roll at 10:30am Mondays.


And the best part.  Raining/TOO hot/ etc....we will move into our studio space, for a HIIT indoor booth camp.  No need for cancelled classes!


Please bring Strollers and/or Carries, and meet out back of Baby Float Spa.  We will do warm up out back, incase anyone is running a few minutes late.  

All you need is your babies regular going out supplies and feel free to bring your own yoga mat if preferred.

6 week and  4 week sessions available

$85 for 6 weeks, $65 for 4 weeks

Register online


MOM & BABY Stretch & Play YOGA

TUESDAYS 10:45am (click book now to register)

$110.00/ 6 week session.

Complete 3 six week session programs and get 1 six week session program of your choice FREE!  (does not include pilates/do re mi music)


This Mom & Baby Yoga class is great for postpartum mamas, to get their bodies moving, have some fun with their babies and connect with other mamas.  

Class starts with some feel good gentle movements & yoga stretches for mom that incorporate baby through play.    (Mats and all props/toys provided.)  and ends with a Mama chat and social.


Come as you are, even if your late, have to leave early, just need to stay in child's pose all class or simply sip a hot coffee/tea.  Build your mama support system simply by showing up, sharing and receiving friendship.



This mom & baby class is what new postpartum moms need to restore their core after giving birth! Using choreography founded in science, learn to reconnect to your deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, flatten your tummy and fix diastasis recti

Realign your posture, treat back pain and strengthen from the inside out with targeted exercises. We use booty bands, gliders and therapy balls to create a dynamic workout both on your mat and at the ballet barre with your babe! We also like to play some pretty awesome tunes from Prince to Madonna to Drake.

*Baby carriers are optional.  MONDAYS 12:30pm to 1:30pm

(no classes long weekends)


4 week power sessions  of The Bump Method Postnatal Mom & Baby Pilates. 

REGISTER HERE: http://thebellemethod.com/event-registration/?regevent_action=register&event_id=3044


Email Nikki Bergen of The Belle Method to register:  nikkibergen@gmail.com


All ages


Movers & Groovers 

Obstacle Course Exploration for crawlers to toddlers. 

Your Baby's 1st Gymnastics Program.

THURSDAYS 10:45am to 11:45am

6 week Session

Starts September 26th

Movers & Groovers Obstacle Course Exploration Program are for those babies on the move. (Typically 8 months to 17 months)

Crawling, pulling themselves up, getting ready to stand, standing and toddling around.

This program is designed to:

Build language development

Allow for self expression

Learn about body parts

Build Social Awareness

Increase listening skills and opportunities to follow directions

Increase attention span

Teach order and sequence

Build dexterity and muscle control

Develop Gross Motor Skills.

Each week we will begin class with music and movement circle, a skill of the week, followed by free play and exploration of our obstacle courses and gross motor equipment.  New equipment added each week to challenge and intrigue our curious little explorers.  

All of our classes are informal and welcoming.  Come late, leave early, feed your baby, change poopy diapers or just sit and enjoy a hot coffee or tea and build your mama support system.

Thursdays 10:45am

6 week session



Our nurturing atmosphere allows you to prepare for changes during pregnancy, labour, and motherhood. Connect with other moms-to-be as you talk about your experiences (and anxieties). 


Classes always includes some discussion and education. No prior yoga experience is necessary and you should have clearance from your health care provider to participate. You will leave feeling refreshed & relaxed!  

Come late, leave early, stay in child's pose the whole class, this class is for YOU and YOUR BABY.

First hour is stretch and flow, followed by Mama Chats, tea and a chance for Q&A as well. (Happy to bring in local subject matter experts upon participants requests to join in on the Q&A)

If you are interested in joining mid-series, not to worry a prorated fee will be calculated.  Please call 416 305 1815 for mid-series registration


Prenatal Yoga 

Thursday Evenings

7pm to 8:00pm 

All ages



3 week series

$40  Oil included

Mondays 2:15pm

Tuesdays 10:45 am

Ages 0 - 8 months

Touch is the very first sense to appear in utero and is central to the rest of our senses.  It is one of our first forms of communication.  All of our other senses depend upon touch for valuable sensory processing. This Class is designed to provide families the opportunity to communicate love, emotional balance, physiological well being and support for their baby through the power of touch.  

The class is very simple and relaxed, yet provides a solid foundation of stability and attachment helping baby grow healthy and happy.  After we have mastered the techniques and routine we will move into Baby Yoga Stretches and songs that are great for when baby is in a more playful state, or is older and prefers not to be lying on their back quite so long, because well, flipping over and trying to crawl is just way more fun!


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