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Why No One Will Judge You, If You Spend The Whole Class In Child's Pose. PRENATAL YOGA @BABYFLOATSPA

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Sometimes when pregnant, you want to go where everyone just "gets it". A place to meet up, share experiences, commiserate and stretch out that aching back. What you do here, well that is up to you. Some days, simply showing up swollen ankles and all is exactly what your class will be. So don't even worry, you just do you! 3 REASONS WHY I LOVE PRENATAL YOGA even when I am not pregnant ;0)

1. NO ONE CARES IF YOU DON”T MOVE THE ENTIRE CLASS. Prenatal Yoga class focuses on relaxing, opening, and listening to your body, nurturing and preparing it for childbirth. If you have been doing yoga for years and are an inversion bad ass, chances are you will want to keep it up and do so safely; however if you are new to yoga, or not quite feeling yourself that day, it is not just totally ok, but you are encouraged to just hang out in child’s pose for the class. Prenatal Yoga is what us mamas make of it, and you will always be met with a supportive “Namaste”.

2. PREGNANT MAMAS LOVE PROPS, even though Prenatal Yoga classes offer gentler, less strenuous sequences of poses they also have a tonne of props that are used to support your changing body in poses and you will soon discover that almost every pose feels so much better propped up with blocks, bolsters and blankets. As your little peanut starts to grow and your mama belly blooms, props really do make your yoga practice not only possible but comfortable and supported.

3. PRENATAL YOGA IS YOUR BACKS BEST FRIEND. Regardless of which stage of pregnancy, prenatal yoga poses generally target the lower back. An area that bears the brunt of your pregnancy as your growing belly wreaks havoc on your centre of gravity and puts pressure on the spine. Prenatal postures are designed to strengthen and lengthen the back and the muscles that support your lower back. And thank you prenatal yoga for that!

We offer prenatal classes Wednesday evenings 7:15 to 8:15pm at Baby Float Spa Oakville Location. $95.00 for 6 week sessions. Prorated fees available for those mamas wanting to jump in mid session.


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