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WE ARE A BABY SPA! Yes, you read it right.

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Our unique spa offers 14 days-old infants hydrotherapy + infant massage sessions in a scientifically-designed and hygienic environment.

The concept, which is popular in London, Europe and South Africa, but relatively new in North America, involves hydrotherapy, where newborns to 12-month-old babies are made to ‘swim’ in water with the help of a specially designed device.

Hydrotherapy ( baby float therapy) supports cognitive and physical development. The sensation of floating in warm water under the careful guidance of specially trained and certified staff works wonders for infants’ well being and development. (Just like being back home in mama's belly) It stimulates their senses, improves balance and coordination and encourages bonding with parents and other babies.

The regulated warm water in the pods helps put infants at ease and floating with the support of our specially designed Baby Float Spa neck rings, increases their muscular and skeletal strength through water’s gentle resistance. Care would be taken in providing the right amount of stimulation keeping in mind a baby’s age and individual sensory threshold.

All float sessions are followed up with baby being wrapped in heated bamboo towels, ready to enjoy an infant massage, given by their caregivers, and demonstrated by a certified infant massage instructor.

Baby Float Spa provides everything, all you need to bring is your baby's regular going out supplies, and then just leave the rest up to us. WARNING: Baby Float Sessions, result in a stimulated appetite, and deeper longer baby sleeps. ;0) Need we say more?

INFANT MASSAGE CLASS Privates and Groups Available

In our studio space we also offer a variety of baby and me programs, prenatal yoga, and postnatal fitness options, Baby Picasso Sensory Art, Baby's 5 Senses-Sensory Bin Exploration, Musical Baby, Baby Gymnastics, Birthday Parties, Mommy Meet Ups, workshops, and facility rentals. Baby Float Spa was created for babies and toddlers but designed to support real people who also happen to be parents. Can't wait to meet you. Register online at for any of our great programs designed specifically for all babies different ages and stages.


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