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A Natural Way to Ease Common Baby Discomforts.

Your tiny baby spent the first part of their life in a perfect water bubble; perfect in temperature and perfect in size. Baby Float Spa offers the ability to recreate that feeling for your baby in one of our spacious and individual float tubs. Crystal clear water is heated to the perfect body temperature to ensure that your baby will feel completely at ease and totally relaxed in an in utero like environment. Baby will enjoy up to 20 minutes floating, (don’t be surprised if baby even falls asleep!) Following this relaxing experience, you will be able to wrap them up in a heated bamboo Turkish towel. Once all dried off, the session will be followed by a full body #infantmassage from one of you or one of your baby's favorite people. Guided by our certified infant massage instructors and Early Childhood Educators, parents/caregivers will learn a variety of different strokes and techniques that they can incorporate into babies daily routine. The BEST PART... for tired parents is, besides being completely relaxing for your baby, float therapy itself stimulates their appetites and results in deeper, longer sleeping patterns. Need we say more?

But just in case that isn't enough here are just a few of some other amazing benefits of hydrotherapy and infant massage:

  • Helps to support your baby's mental and physical development.

  • Improves coordination and balance, skills required for crawling and walking.

  • Improves sensory integration.

  • Improves cognitive development.

  • Creates opportunities for crossing the body's mid-line. ( Every time a child crosses the mid-line, connections are built in the baby's brain. These connections become essential later in life for both gross motor development (used, for example, when reaching for objects) and fine motor development (used, for example, when eyes track words written on a page from left to right.)

  • Regulating and strengthening the digestive system.

  • Alleviating bloating and the pain often associated with gas. (may help ease discomfort from colic)

  • It can also help enhance the immune system function.

  • Reduce the stress hormone cortisol and calm the nervous system.

  • Promotes bonding and attachment.

  • Stimulates the vagus nerve, which stimulates the release of food absorption hormones insulin and glucose.

  • Increases circulation.

  • Improves communication with your baby through touch, and strengthens your ability to acknowledge and respond to their cues.

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