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At Baby Float Spa, we are much more than pre-swimming lessons. We are an infant development program that takes place in specially designed hydrotherapy water tubs. Infants as young as 2 weeks - 12 months can benefit from our Baby Float Sessions, where we offer unique water exercise followed by an infant massage lesson for parents/caregivers. We also offer an array of out-of-water options including: baby & me development classes, pre and postnatal fitness options, mama meet-ups, and workshops led by local subject matter experts designed to inspire confidence in parents on their journey from pregnancy through parenthood.  At Baby Float Spa we promote parenting YOUR way!

A place to unwind...

The Baby Float Spa was created for babies, but designed for real people who also happen to be parents.   The spa and its adjoining studio offer a comfortable and relaxing environment, with a variety of opportunities for families to bond with their babies, connect with other families, share their experiences while participating in babe+parent programming specifically designed to foster optimal development.

Our programs have a wide range of benefits including: helping to improve sensory integration, cognitive development, encouraging mid-line orientation, promoting confidence,  language development and providing families with an opportunity for quality bonding and attachment with their baby through relaxation,  interaction, hydrotherapy and infant massage.

What are the benefits?

Research shows that Hydrotherapy (flotation and exercise in water) helps to support your baby's mental and physical development and improve coordination and balance. The more your baby can use their brain and muscles, the stronger they will grow.

At Baby Float Spa, your baby’s tiny body will be engaged in a completely unique and physically free way. When your babe is floating in water, they have freedom of movement that they wouldn't otherwise experience, and their brain is registering the tactile sensation of water plus its resistance, which encourages neurological development. Our float therapy is a gentle exercise that works the whole body, encouraging your baby’s muscle, lung and heart development.

The best part...

The best part for all of you tired parents out there, our hydrotherapy tubs are filled with warm water which promotes relaxation, while the hydrotherapy floating itself stimulates their appetites — resulting in improved eating and deeper, longer sleeping  patterns.


Need we say more?

Regular Float Therapy

Duration: 60 min

Ages: 2 weeks - 7.5 months

This class offers both Floating and Infant Massage Instruction. Our newborn classes provide a slower pace both for new moms and baby. You will benefit from the extra advice, tips and tricks that our certified early childhood educators and infant massage educators, will share with you to ease your transition into motherhood and out of the fourth trimester.

$50.00 a session.  Not with Registered Massage Therapist.  No Health Insurance Receipt Provided. 

Individual Tubs.

Float followed by Infant Massage Class where the instructor will demonstrate on a life size doll, different strokes, techniques, songs and movements to help ease normal baby discomforts.  (Colic, teething, constipation, reflux etc.)  Guaranteed one epic nap after session. Every new parents dream!

Membership Rates available 4 float and Infant Massage Sessions for the price of 3  $150.00

Or 8 Float and Infant Massage Sessions for the price of 5 $250.00

WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING!  Swim diapers, heated bamboo towels even coffee or tea!  All you need to bring is your baby's regular going out supplies.

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Prenatal yoga, Baby Picasso Sensory Art, Mom+Baby Yoga,  Baby's 5 Senses Sensory Bin Exploration, Infant Massage+Baby Yoga Stretches, Gross Motor Play for Crawlers to Toddlers, Mom+Baby Bump Pilates, Do-Re-Mi and My Baby)

Every 3 six week program series completed, gets you the 4th six week program series of your choice FREE!

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Float Session With RMT Massage Therapy(Registered Massage Therapist onsite)

Duration: 60 min 

Float Therapy + Infant Massage

Ages: 3 weeks to 8 months

Learn from watching our on site Registered Massage Therapist massage, and show you different infant massage strokes and techniques to use at home on your baby.  If you have specific concerns our RMT can discuss them with you and provide an individualized treatment.  All appointments cover different techniques to help ease normal baby discomforts. (Colic, teething, reflux, constipation etc.)


Infant Massage Session is $70.00 includes complimentary Float Session if you choose.  

Health Insurance Receipts provided.  No direct billing.

COVID19 UPDATE  No Big Tub Parties available until further notice.

Individual Appointments.  Maximum 2-3 babies in the spa at a time.  

All clients will have to go through our screening process, temperature check, and wear a mask while in the facility.  Paperwork will have to be filled out with RMT prior to infant massage. 

PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS ARE available by phone.

584 Ford Dr. #6

Oakville, ON

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905-337-8682 (Studio)



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